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449 - Crosses with Symbols in bottle
This is a old Listerine bottle containing three crosses and many religious symbols of the crucifi..
526 - Miniature Chair in bottle
This is a tiny wooden chair built in a small 2.875 inch bottle. The date the model was made "1960..
558 - Crucifixion Scene in bottle
This is an 1800's scene of Jesus on the cross with numerous religious symbols made by Henry .A. P..
637 - Bucksaw and Saw Horse in bottle
This is a very well made and proportioned buck saw in a bottle with a saw horse and an axe. ..
640 - Cross, Ladder and Tools in bottle
This is a cross and tools built in an old liquor bottle. Inside there is a large wooden cross wit..
660 - Paddlewheeler Clermont Ship in bottle - SOLD
This is a model of the famous "Clermont" built by Robert Fulton. The Clermont was the first comme..
749 - Crucifixion Scene in bottle
This is a wonderful crucifixion scene of Jesus hanging on the cross surrounded by many religious ..
781 - Roscoe Axton Chair in a Bottle
This chair in a bottle is made by R C Axton, who was Roscoe C. Axton, born in Kansas in 1885, die..
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