A well-made fan whimsey built in a very small bottle.  The fan is intricately carved and spread open to form a just under near perfect 360 degree circle. The stand of the fan is pegged to a wooden base that covers the bottom of the bottle.  The base is covered with a white paper that has handwritten names on it. "S.E. Laire is on the bottom of the base and "N.H. Smith and "R.A.(?) Bang or z"(?) are on top of the base. The bottle is sealed with a long wooden stopper with a crosspiece going through it making it impossible to remove the stopper.  Even this crosspiece has a second cross peg going through it making it a double locking system which is very rare.  The outside of the stopper has a carved rounded wooden cap stained red.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 4" x 2"
Bottle Type Unidentified
Estimated Date 1920-1940s
Maker's Name S. E. Laire(?)

610 - Whimsey Fan in bottle

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