This is a very interesting and very well made chair in a bottle.  The chair structure is made from wood and fills the bottle quite well. The ends of the legs and uprights are slightly beveled.  There is a single stretcher between each leg near the bottom and three stretchers between the uprights. The seat and back are made from woven wicker or cane in a very distinctive and interesting pattern making the appearance of an octagon in the center. Hanging from the right side of the chair upright is a prayer bead rope with dark beads strung on a rope that is tasseled on the end. The bottle is sealed with a red Tarboosh (Tarbush) with a black silk tassel.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 11.25"
Bottle Type Unidentified
Estimated Date 1930-1950s

453 - Chair, Beads, Tarboosh, Tarbush in bottle - SOLD

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