This is a wonderful scene of an old man making a large static ship in an old dimple bottle.  The man is made from multiple pieces assembled inside the bottle.  The main torso is in two pieces as is the hips and legs.  The arms and head are assembled separately.  The man has a short sleeved white shirt with a green sleeveless vest sweater over top.  He is wearing black pants and black shoes. He has light brown hair that is long and unkempt.  He has nice facial features and wears a moustache and glasses.  He is seated on a small black three-legged stool.  In front of him and between his legs is the stern of a ship.  The hull of the ship is blue on the bottom and white on top.  It has two masts already mounted on the ship and a third mast is still in the hand of the man who has it ready to put on the ship.  In the man’s other hand is a hammer.  Each mast has two spars with the tips painted white.  The deck of the ship has two cabins each made to appear if it had a glass paned roof.  The bow of the ship is raised up on a long block of wood.  Leaning against the ship is a hand saw with a brown painted handle and a silver blade.  Near the saw is a carving knife or perhaps a file with a wooden handle.  In front of that is a brown book standing up that is titled "How to Do It." On the other side of the ship is a paint or glue bucket with a wire handle and a brush.  The whole scene is mounted on a base made from clay or plasticine and is colored in different shades of brown and tan to look like a floor. On the side of the bottle with the book is a brown painted area with the name "The Model Maker" painted on in black.  The bottle is sealed with an old metal lock cap that is original to the bottle. This bottle was built by R.F.C. Bartley, who authored the book "Models in Bottles" in 1951. The scene in this bottle is very similar to the one featured in the book with instructions and a descripition of the building techniques.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 7 3/4" x 4 1/4"
Bottle Type Haig Dimple
Estimated Date 1940 - 1950
Made Where London, England
Maker's Name RFC Bartley

478 - Man Making a Ship in a Bottle

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