This a very rare and extremely hard to find folk art, whimsey in a bottle, is both the age and quality often found only in museums. It is a one-of-a-kind specimen piece that is befitting of the finest collection.

This early 1800s Loom built in a bottle is believed to be built between 1820 – 1850. A loom bottle very much like this one is featured in the book “Genius in a Bottle – The Art and Magic of Bottle Whimseys” by Susan D. Jones, pages 172 – 173.

The loom is made from light colored wood with a great patina. It is built with 2 weaving levels. The bottom level has beige, red, blue and ivory threads being woven into a patterned cloth. Seated at the end of the loom is a porcelain girl doll. The girl has very detailed and delicate facial features. She has black hair and is wearing a red cloth top, a patterned white skirt and a yellow waist band. Her arms are made from cloth and positioned on each side of the material being woven on the loom. You can see her leg with a high top black shoe resting near the treadle. The second loom has a nearly identical scene with a similar doll dressed in the same manner. She is weaving more of a checkered pattern in the same colors. On the top of the looms is a four arm winder with white thread wrapped around it.

The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper with a wonderful crosspiece going through it. It is approximately 9 ¼ inches by 4 inches and is hand-blown with a very pronounced scar pontil and applied top.

1056 - Double Loom in a Bottle - SOLD

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