This bottle has a chair with a woven cloth bottom and a wood frame. The chair is approximately 4" tall.  It has round legs with 2 sets of cross rungs between the legs.  The back has 2 flat, curved slates between the uprights. The seat is cross weaved with an ivory colored fabric approximately 1/4" wide.   There is a hole in the center of the cap.  The top of the bottle under the lid has a big chip.  The bottle has "Hinds, Honey and Almond Cream, A.S. Hinds Co, Bloomfield, NJ USA" on one side and "A.S. Hinds Co." on the bottom. It is sealed with a yellow, metal screw cap.  This bottle dates from 1920.   Hinds Honey and Almond Cream was for the Face, hands, Skin and Complexion and prepared by A. S. Hinds Co. Portland Maine. Widely advertised in 1922.

Please note that there is a very large chip in the very top of the bottleneck. It is somewhat triangular shaped. On the good side, the chip is nearly completely hidden when the bottle cap is screwed on.

Bottle Specifications
Approx. Bottle Size 6.25
Bottle Type Hinds, Honey & Almond Cream
Estimated Date 1920 - 1925

441 - Chair in Bottle - SOLD

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