Folk Art & Whimsey

Folk Art and Whimsey in bottles are the first and oldest form of items built in bottles. The first mention of objects in bottles goes back to 1719. A German, Matthias Buchinger, (1674-1722) born without arms and legs built objects in bottles.

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812 - Jesus on the Cross in a Bottle
This bottle was made by an anonymous artist who made at least three other nearly identical bottle..
865 - Buddha Shrine in a Bottle
This is a wonderful Buddha shrine built in a bottle. Buddha is seated on a platform raised from a..
866 - Cross and Religious Symbols in Bottle
This scene in a bottle was possibly made by an Australian Aborigine native. It contains a cross a..
925 - 1800s Glass Bead Winder in a Bottle
This is a rare example of a glass bead winder built in a bottle in the early 1800's. It is believ..
943 - Altar Scene in a Bottle
This is a unique piece of folk art featuring a church altar scene in a bottle. It is a scene depi..
944 - Church in a Bottle
This is a tranquil pastoral scene of a large church or perhaps a cathedral on a green lawn built ..
948 - Cottage in the Woods in a Bottle
This is extremely well-made and very detailed Cottage or Chalet built in a bottle. It is a story ..
955 - Cowboys and Horse in a Bottle
This is a great Old Quaker liquor bottle with two cowboys and a horse made from wood. One man is ..
961 - Patriotic Theme in a Bottle
This Partriotic Theme in a Bottle was built over 100 years ago in 1915 by Elmer Allen. The bottle..
962 - Early 1800 Religious Shrine/Altar in a Bottle
This is wonderful church altar or shrine scene built in the early to mid-1800's. The colors are v..
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