Folk Art & Whimsey

Folk Art and Whimsey in bottles are the first and oldest form of items built in bottles. The first mention of objects in bottles goes back to 1719. A German, Matthias Buchinger, (1674-1722) born without arms and legs built objects in bottles.

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1056 - Double Loom in a Bottle - SOLD
This a very rare and extremely hard to find folk art, whimsey in a bottle, is both the age and qu..
1135 - Suspended Lanterns in a Bottle - SOLD
This is 19th Century whimsey puzzle built inside an octagonal bottle which has marked 1-6 in Roma..
1142 - 8 Yarn Winders in a Bottle - SOLD
This is a vintage and very unusual winder inside a bottle that actually has eight individual yarn..
360 - Crucifixion Scene in a Bottle
This is an exceptionally detailed and well made scene of the crucifixion.  Inside the bottle..
433 - 1902 Cross and Symbols in bottle
Built in 1902 this bottle contains a large cross and numerous religious symbols. The cross has an..
434 - Crucifixion Scene with 4 Guards in Bottle
This is a crucifixion scene with Jesus hanging on the cross and 4 sentries standing guard. The ba..
436 - Jesse Jackson Chair in a Bottle
This Chair in a Bottle was built by Jesse Jackson in 1963 in Livingston, Kentucky. The chair is m..
438 - Josef Stalin Mk II Tank in bottle
This is a wonderful model of the "Josef Stalin Mk II" Russian military tank built in a John Walke..
439 - German Tank "PzKpfw III" in bottle
This is a great model of a German  PzKpfw III Tank, the Panzerkampfwagen III, more commonly ..
440 - Sherman Tank, Tractor, Trailer in bottle
This is an amazing model of a 6 x 4 Scammell R100 Tractor pulling a M4 A1 Sherman tank on a Rodge..
441 - Chair in Bottle - SOLD
This bottle has a chair with a woven cloth bottom and a wood frame. The chair is approximately 4"..
449 - Crosses with Symbols in bottle
This is a old Listerine bottle containing three crosses and many religious symbols of the crucifi..
450 - Jesus with Angels Scene in bottle
This is a scene of the crucifixion with multiple religious symbols.  The figure of Jesus is ..
451 - Jesus with Roman Guards Scene in Bottle
This is a very interestingly conceived scene of Jesus hanging at the cross with 4 sentries on eac..
453 - Chair, Beads, Tarboosh, Tarbush in bottle - SOLD
This is a very interesting and very well made chair in a bottle.  The chair structure is mad..
461 - Crucifixion and Symbols in a Bottle
This is a very well-made crucifixion scene with hand carved wooden pieces and the figure of Jesus..
465 - Cross with Religious Symbols in bottle
This is a highly decorated and very beautiful depiction of the cross of Jesus with numerous relig..
470 - Bucksaw in bottle
This is a very well-made bucksaw built in a 1930's Duraglas druggist bottle.  The bucksaw is..
473 - Colonial Viper in light bulb - SOLD
This is a hand crafted classic Colonial Viper from the 1970's series Battlestar Galactica. The Vi..
475 - "The Keefer Cottage" in a Light Bulb
This is a fantastic model of a two story log cabin built inside a 1500 watt light bulb by Robert ..
483 - Pioneer Tools in bottle
This bottle contains pioneer woodworking tools including a saw horse with a split log on the fram..
486 - Beiler Whimsey Scene in a Bottle
This is a folk art whimsey bottle made by Amos L. Beiler.  The bottle is of a country scene ..
491 - Crucifixion with Symbols in bottle
 This is a crucifixion scene with multiple religious symbols built in a small bottle. &..
506 - Skeinwinder in bottle - SOLD
This is a late 1800 yarn winder, or sheinwinder, built in an unidentified aqua blue two mold bott..
511 - Working Grandfather Clock in a Bottle - SOLD
This is a very unique bottle containing a working clock built to resemble a grandfather clock. Th..
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