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608 - Beiler Woodland Scene in bottle - SOLD
This is a wonderful example of folk art by Amish artist, Amos L. Beiler. The bottle contains a wo..
610 - Whimsey Fan in bottle
A well-made fan whimsey built in a very small bottle.  The fan is intricately carved and spr..
611 - WW II Diorama with Battle Cruiser and Jet Fighter in a Bottle
This is an nicely detailed war diorama. In the scene is a truly impressive ship model in a bottle..
634 - Harbor Ship Diorama in bottle - SOLD
This vintage piece is hand made in a rather heavy, old bottle.  It is a 3 mast sailing Bark ..
636 - POW Battleship Diorama in a Bottle
While there were many ships in bottles made by Prisoner of War soldiers in World War II it is ind..
637 - Bucksaw and Saw Horse in bottle
This is a very well made and proportioned buck saw in a bottle with a saw horse and an axe. ..
638 - Destroyer Ship Diorama in bottle
This is a great diorama of a German World War II Destroyer, (thought to be the Destroyer "Bavaria..
640 - Cross, Ladder and Tools in bottle
This is a cross and tools built in an old liquor bottle. Inside there is a large wooden cross wit..
647 - General Charles H Taylor Family Collection Ship in bottle
This is a stunning vintage scene built around 1900.  The bottle contains 5 ships of various ..
654 - General Charles H. Taylor Family Collection Ship in bottle
This is a very old and wonderfully made model of a 3 mast BArk anchored in a sea of green near a ..
660 - Paddlewheeler Clermont Ship in bottle - SOLD
This is a model of the famous "Clermont" built by Robert Fulton. The Clermont was the first comme..
671 - Okichi V in bottle - SOLD
This is a wonderfully detailed model of the yacht "Okichi V" sailing on a fairly calm sea of gree..
677 - Schooner Ship and Airport Scene in bottle
This is a very colorful scene of a 3 mast schooner flying the German flag sailing on a choppy sea..
679 - Yarn Winder in bottle - SOLD
This is a yarn winder with 3 winders built inside a two part molded bottle with bubbles in the gl..
680 - HMS Hood Ship in a bottle
This is a very detailed scene of the HMS Hood cruising on a choppy sea with a town in the backgro..
681 - Crucifixion Scene in bottle - SOLD
This is a complex monastery work around 1880 showing the scene of the crucifixion. A paper Jesus ..
686 - World War II Gift Chair in bottle
R.W. McGrath, USN, made this chair in a bottle in August 1944 while stationed at Adak Army instal..
687 - Family, Goat, Cow, in a Bottle
This is a very unique old glass bottle with a hand carved wooden scene of a man and his wife stan..
693 - 3 Masted Bark "lsle" Ship in a bottle
This is a model of a three mast sailing Bark named "Isle" sailing on a sea of green with a small ..
696 - World War II Battle Scene Ship in bottle
This is a World War II scene showing what appears to be a battle cruiser sailing toward a German ..
697 - Hot Springs, Arkansas Chair in bottle
This is a chair built in a Karol Syrup bottle. The front and back supports are square shaped and ..
702 - Merchant Navy Memorial Bottle
This cross in a bottle was built as a memorial bottle and is dedicated "In loving memory of all S..
705 - Brigantine Ship in a bottle
This is a nicely made model of a Brigantine, a merchant ship, flying the British flag. The two ma..
706 - Jesus on the Cross in bottle
This is an 1800's scene of Jesus on the cross with numerous religious symbols made by Henry .A. P..
708 - Cross and Religious Symbols in bottle
This barber's Lanolin bottle contains a cross and many religious symbols associated with the cruc..
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