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474 - Tvetfala Ship Diorama in a bottle
This is a vintage Ship named the "Tvetfala" sailing on a sea of blue.  The ship has 3-masts ..
475 - "The Keefer Cottage" in a Light Bulb
This is a fantastic model of a two story log cabin built inside a 1500 watt light bulb by Robert ..
477-Gravenhurst POW Battleship in a Bottle
This is an amazingly detailed war diorama. In the scene is a truly impressive ship model in a bot..
478 - Man Making a Ship in a Bottle
This is a wonderful scene of an old man making a large static ship in an old dimple bottle.  ..
483 - Pioneer Tools in bottle
This bottle contains pioneer woodworking tools including a saw horse with a split log on the fram..
486 - Beiler Whimsey Scene in a Bottle
This is a folk art whimsey bottle made by Amos L. Beiler.  The bottle is of a country scene ..
491 - Crucifixion with Symbols in bottle
 This is a crucifixion scene with multiple religious symbols built in a small bottle. &..
504 - 18th Century Russian Gunboat Ship in bottle
This is a model of an 18th century Russian gunboat sailing on a translucent sea of dark green.&nb..
506 - Skeinwinder in bottle - SOLD
This is a late 1800 yarn winder, or sheinwinder, built in an unidentified aqua blue two mold bott..
511 - Working Grandfather Clock in a Bottle - SOLD
This is a very unique bottle containing a working clock built to resemble a grandfather clock. Th..
519 - Comstock Wagon in a Light Bulb
This is a great model of a Comstock wagon being pulled by two horses built inside a 1000 watt lig..
521 - Asian Harbor Scene in bottle - SOLD
 This is a wonderful scene of a 3 masted sailing ship anchored outside a harbor in perhaps C..
524 - Galley Anno 1480 Ship in a Bottle
This is a Galley ship from around 1480 built in a bottle.  This ship is a long and narrow ro..
526 - Miniature Chair in bottle
This is a tiny wooden chair built in a small 2.875 inch bottle. The date the model was made "1960..
527 - Barque "Potosi" Ship in a Bottle
This is a wonderful scene of the ship "Potosi" anchored near a large town.  The ship has 5 m..
540 - Folk Art Ship in Bottle Diorama of Sailing Regatta
This is a wonderful diorama of a sailing regatta outside Laboe, Germany. The Laboe Naval Memorial..
541 - Ship, Tug, Diorama in bottle - SOLD
This is a very colorful and well-made diorama of a ship anchored outside a city. The unidentified..
544 - 1900s Folk Art Whaling Ship in a Bottle Diorama
This is a wonderfully rare diorama scene of the early American whaling trade. It is estimated tha..
551 - Man-of-War Diorama in Bottle
This is a scene of two 17th Century French Men-of-War ships sailing past an island seen off in th..
558 - Crucifixion Scene in bottle
This is an 1800's scene of Jesus on the cross with numerous religious symbols made by Henry .A. P..
584 - Bell Chair in bottle
This is an old Eckels embalming fluid bottle with a tiny chair inside. It was handcrafted by a ma..
585 - WW 2 Hospital Ship in bottle
This is  WW2 Hospital Ship built much like a model of a passenger liner and may well be that..
589 - Lady of the Cabin in bottle
This is a log cabin a hand-carved woman standing at the front door.  The cabin is natural wo..
593 - Yacht Beneteau in bottle - SOLD
This is an accurately detailed model of the yacht "Beneteau" in a large flask bottle. The origina..
602 - Matador and Bull in bottle
This is a very well made and unique scene of a matador fighting a bull on a sawdust and dirt ring..
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